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The Red Meets Pink Foundation

Red Meets Pink Foundation is a Toronto-based registered charity that raises money for two of the most devastating diseases: AIDS and Cancer.

Red Meets Pink Foundation is inviting you, your family & friends!

My name is Mario Medeiros; I’m just a regular everyday working guy. My greatest passions in life are gardening, cooking, writing, animals and children.

Because of my love for children, I have adopted a beautiful boy who is 5 years old now. Because of him and all children, this is one of the reasons that Red Meets Pink Foundation was founded 15 years ago, to make a better tomorrow for them.

Because of this great passion in making a difference in this world of suffering, Red Meets Pink Foundation was started on September 11 2003. The reason for this great foundation was in memory of my sister who lost her battle to cancer at the very young age of 40, leaving behind 8 kids, between the ages of 8 to 18 years of age. This was very painful and devastating to our family. In 2003 I read an article about the epidemic of AIDS in Africa affecting orphaned children, which really touched my heart.

That is when I decided to do something about that painful reality. Losing my sister to cancer and having lost friends to HIV/Aids, I started to save money to do an event to raise funds for Aids and Cancer. I called up some friends and told them my idea and asked for their help and on Saturday September 11, 2003 we had our inaugural event, which was a great success. Even though the idea was just to make it a onetime event, thanks to the ongoing support from our friends, family and sponsors, we are still going strong.

Fifteen years later, we are still working hard to achieve a better world for tomorrow, free of suffering from the brutal effects of Aids and Cancer. The volunteers at Red Meets Pink are a very energetic group of young men and women working tirelessly towards the hope to one day find a cure for these two devastating diseases which affect those close to their hearts. Being the proud founder of Red Meets Pink Foundation, I Invite each and every one of you to join us in our journey for a better tomorrow and future without Aids and Cancer which affect so much of us and our loved ones. Let’s make a better world for the future generation of children and youth.

Thank you,
Mario Medeiros
Red Meets Pink